Residential Awnings & Canopies

We offer a variety of residential awning and canopy options for homeowners looking to improve their home’s exterior. Whether you’re looking to expand your outdoor shade or water protection, we have a wide range of styles and colors to choose from. Plus, we guarantee you’re 100% satisfaction so that you end up with exactly what you want.

a retractable awning shades a deck

Retractable Awnings

We offer motorized retractable awnings that provide your home with instant shade. Our awnings come in many different colors with the option of having a solid or striped pattern.

Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters are another way to provide excellent shade cover while also being a beautiful accent for your windows or doors.

white Bahama Shutters on a home
a striped fabric awning

Fabric Awnings

We use only the highest quality fabric and canvas to cover your aluminum frame awnings.

Custom-built Canopies

Do you own a modern-style home and are looking to add a high-quality, custom-built canopy to provide shade and water protection? We got you covered!

custom canopies made for your home

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